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A Click & Mortar De-Electronification

Everybody shops online these days. When it comes to clothing though, there are definite gaps in the way people shop in stores and the way they buy online. E-retail struggles with the basic needs of a customer – to try on clothes and see how they look and fit before purchasing. Many successful apparel retailers […]

The Best of Not-For-Gaming Virtual Reality – Part 2

In our last post we began a countdown of what we think are ten amazing uses of Virtual Reality. Before that, we also did a quick rundown of some ways in which VR is being used for some fairly strange applications. This article picks up where we left off and covers our top five picks […]

The Best of Not-For-Gaming Virtual Reality – Part 1

In our last post we covered a number of ways in which Virtual Reality is being used for some fairly strange applications which range from slightly odd to plain bizarre. However, the effectiveness of VR for education and skills training is astounding (see our article on it here). Learning simulations are incredibly effective with VR, […]

The Weirdly Wonderful of VR

Virtual Reality is the talk of the whole world right now. Well, maybe only half the world so far. But it’s getting there rapidly. There are a lot of uses for VR – apart from entertainment, its applications in learning tools are astounding (see our article on it here). However, with a medium like VR, […]

Embracing The Illogical In Shopping

Let’s talk about emotional intelligence. It’s pretty well established that a person’s emotional intelligence is a huge driver for what they achieve in their lives. In the eyes of many psychologists, it tops logical intelligence. But that’s not the emotional intelligence we’re referring to. We’re talking about emotional intelligence when it comes to machines. You’ve […]

Bricks to Clicks and Back Again

When you need to buy something, what’s your first thought – walk into a store, or buy online? Research shows that most people don’t fit neatly into either of these categories. There are more factors at play – factors that affect how people shop, and which make the case for integrated solutions in fashion retail. […]

Virtually Possible – A New Frontier for Skills Training

Imagine walking up to a Porsche 911 and knowing exactly how to take apart and reassemble its engine – even if you’re not a mechanic, and it’s the first time you’ve ever seen the car. Or operating an MRI machine to scan a patient. Or conducting a surgical procedure. Or checking an entire power plant […]

The Virtual Lap of Luxury

‘An estimated 40 percent of luxury brands still don’t sell online,’ says a recent report from Bain Consultants in a Bloomberg Businessweek article. Luxury retail – two words that together evoke images of high fashion, top models strutting on runways, sports cars and Italian marble. No pretenders to the business of high chic, luxury brands […]

The Fashion Retail Runway

The world of fashion and apparel retail is barreling towards change at a blistering pace. Disruptors in the industry range from wearables to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Virtual & Augmented Reality. There has never been a better time to be a consumer, and never a more trying time for companies to venture into the rapidly […]

The Birth of VR Fashion

Buzz about virtual reality is everywhere these days and various business ‘gurus’ have called 2016 ‘The year of Virtual Reality’. However, VR in the fashion industry has been slow to take off. In healthcare, education, architecture and interior design, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are already gaining great popularity. So when is fashion […]