Lykagluv – Bigthinx

The LYKAGLUV™ software enables brands to deliver accurate 3D renderings of their apparel and accessories which can be experienced by customers on their own realistic, lifelike avatars. It gives buyers the chance to see exactly how brands’ apparel, footwear and accessories will look and fit on them, in 360° virtual environments of their choosing, with content delivered for web, mobile and AR/VR.

The Lykagluv™ e-commerce tool enables live apparel visualizations on an avatar personalized with users’ own looks and measurements. This personalized trial experience leads to increased conversions, reduced returns, and happier, more loyal customers. The API based tool works seamlessly with apps, websites and mobile sites.


Increased Transaction Values

Customers that are happy with the look and fit of the garments not only shop more often, they shop for more products every time they visit – resulting in a 22% sales increase on average.

Decreased Returns

Most returns are due to the wrong look, unhappiness with the fabric, or an incorrect fit. The Lykagluv experience helps reduce returns on average by 30% and has to the potential to bring them down by up to 70%.

Increased Loyalty

Personalization of the shopping experience by giving customers options that will fit them perfectly and match their style preferences speeds up their decision making and delivers the confidence to shop again and again.

Increased Conversions

By removing the guesswork needed for a shopper to find their correct size and fit, Lykagluv increases the number of sales coupled with up to 30% less returns. This means happier shoppers and more repeat customers.

Increased Net Promoter Score

A great shopping experience makes for a pleased customer. That feeling is dialed up to absolute delight when they receive garments that are exactly as they had envisioned on themselves.

Increased Lifetime Value

Happy customers are repeat customers with higher brand loyalty. Get exactly that with up to 100% greater customer satisfaction, engagement and conversions.