The Virtual Lap of Luxury

hook up lyrics holy city rollers ‘An estimated 40 percent of luxury brands still don’t sell online,’ says a recent report from Bain Consultants in a Bloomberg Businessweek article.

see url Luxury retail – two words that together evoke images of high fashion, top models strutting on runways, sports cars and Italian marble. No pretenders to the business of high chic, luxury brands have understandably been late entrants to e-commerce and technologically enabled retail. Until now, there has always been the dogma of providing sensory stimulation through sight, touch and in-person experiences. There are exceptions to the rule, though. Burberry and Estee Lauder are, by now, veritable natives of the digital fashion world, and luxury megabrand Chanel has just ventured into e-commerce. But what about the others? With many tech savvy millennials now being prominent customers, elite labels are rethinking their cautious approach to online retailing. Dozens of luxury fashion brands are beginning to dip their toes into the waters of online sales, and v-commerce is their game changer.

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