The Weirdly Wonderful of VR

Virtual Reality is the talk of the whole world right now. Well, maybe only half the world so far. But it’s getting there rapidly. There are a lot of uses for VR – apart from entertainment, its applications in learning tools are astounding (see our article on it here). However, with a medium like VR, one just had to know that the ever inventive human mind would find some rather strange uses for it. And not only have we delivered, we have excelled – with applications ranging from the slightly odd to the outright bizarre. Maybe these things will catch on and become a part of a vast group consciousness. Like Pokèmon Go. But we doubt it, seriously. Anyway, here are our ten picks.

  1. Cooking – Yes, using VR software and slipping on a headset can take you to a world where you’re learning to cook virtually. But cooking is much more than just looking at the food. There are specific ways to cut, knowing what the hot spots on cookware are, and being able to recognize the various smells that are essential indicators of correct progress. So, um, better to go into the kitchen and just get to it, no?
  2. Reading – You can put on a bulky headset and use it to – read a book?? Why? Just, why?
  3. Dining Out – Slip on a headset and you can experience dining underwater, on the moon, in the vineyards of Napa Valley or just about anywhere else. We’re relatively certain there would probably be a lot of takers for this eventually. But for now, it’s being made available only at a few high-end restaurants in exotic locations. We question why one wouldn’t just eat in the said location in the first place.
  4. Work – Why would you want to do work in VR when you already have to do work normally? Maybe if you’re unemployed? Is it because you just love the feel of those headsets? Or is work just so great that you want to do more of the mundane sameness in different ways? Go figure.
  5. Public Speaking – This might be legit if only VR could mimic the behavior of a real audience. Like rolled eyes. Yawns. Cellphones. Angry Birds. You just can’t prepare for those things.
  6. Guillotine Simulator – Just in case you’re one of the very few who want to experience the last sights through the eyes of a political criminal at the height of the French Revolution moments before being beheaded. In that case, heads away!
  7. Migraine Simulator – Because, wouldn’t all of us absolutely love to experience the torture that migraine sufferers go through? The overly bright lights, the distorted vision, the absolute pain. Mmmmm. Not.
  8. Spreadsheets and Documents – Peruse your documents for those pesky, hidden typos and scan your spreadsheets for that one cell with the overconfident price estimate that you just know is wrong. All while relaxing in the Amazon rainforest, the Scottish highlands, or on the beaches of Bali. One can now do exactly that – view work in pleasant virtual surroundings. Would you do it?
  9. Feel like the other gender – Put on a VR headset and experience what it is like to have the body of the opposite sex. That’s it. Really.
  10. Porn – Well, because it’s porn. In VR. It was bound to happen.

That concludes our special on the weird and wonderful of virtual reality. How many would you try? How many would you adopt? How many of them would consume you? Dwell on it. Or not. Whatever.